Benefits of Pet Sitters – To you and your pets

by Jewell Barlang


Beyond the basic benefit of “my pet won’t starve,” you might not be fully aware of the other great reasons to hire a pet sitter. Yes, your pet will be cared for, watched over and played with on a regular basis, but couldn’t this be achieved through boarding at the kennel? Sure it can. The real question is what can pet sitting do that boarding can’t? In a word, tons. Pet sitting provides so much more than just a place to sleep, a roof over Fido’s head and daily water refills. From the pet’s increased happiness and reduced health risks to your own priceless peace of mind, hiring a petsitter is a great way to care for your pet while you’re away from the house.


* Reduced stress They might not have bills to pay, housework to do and reports to finish before that uppity new boss throws a monstrous tantrum in the office, but your pets can definitely feel stressed. Allowing your precious pet to stay in the home while you’re out will reduce the stress he feels when the smells, sights and sounds of his environment change. Instead of being plucked from his comfortable surroundings, the pet remains happily settled in his personal safe haven.

* Tailored care A petsitter can work around your pet’s daily routine to keep playtimes, sleep and feedings consistent, the latter of which can help prevent digestive problems. Sticking to these already-in-place routines has both health and psychological benefits, and can balance your pet’s energy and activity to calmer levels, which you’ll notice when you come home to a pet that isn’t acting like the hyper neighborhood kid on a six-hour sugar kick.

* Less exposure to illness Unlike kennels, petsitters don’t come with a hoard of other animals that may be carrying diseases, parasites or pent-up aggression that they can unleash on your unsuspecting pet. At least, we would hope not (who are you hiring?). Keeping your pet in his usual surroundings will help prevent his exposure to otherwise apparent illnesses that lurk around kennels.

* Personalized attention Let’s face it. Many of our pets are attention seekers. Some of them might even be more attention hungry than your “Hey, watch this!” three-year-old niece. The individual TLC that petsitters provide fulfills that need for undivided attention and personalized care much better than an kennel worker who must tend to several anxious creatures in the same space.


* No guilt from imposing on family members or neighbors No matter how close you are to them, your family and/or neighbors actually do have better things to do than watch your pet while you’re gone. (Shocking.) What’s worse is that you realize this. Hiring a petsitter will save you the guilt of having to ask people around you to take time out of their schedules to do you this favor.

* No transportation concerns Dorothy was right – there’s no place like home. So why prolong your absence by having to drive out to the kennel to pick up your pet? Get a petsitter and stop calculating this added travel time into your schedule.

* House sitting bonus Good petsitters don’t drop in simply to make sure your pet is alive then duck right back out. As an added bonus, many will take in your mail, water your plants and make sure that everything inside the home – not just your pet – is exactly how you left it.

* Crime deterrent If your petsitter drives over to your home, the car in the driveway is deterrent enough for criminals staking out an area al la Joe Pesci in Home Alone. If your petsitter doesn’t drive over, she can still take in your newspaper (a sure sign that a family is out of town) and switch different lights on and off to give the appearance of a lived-in house.

* Peace of mind Once you add up all of these benefits, you’ll get the all-inclusive, immensely compelling benefit that will make your time away from both your home and pet easier than ever: you’ll get peace of mind. Knowing that a responsible animal lover is caring for your pet’s every need while tending to your home and making your life easier is enough to make even the most attached pet parent put a travel agent on speed dial.

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