Luck O’ The Irish Isn’t Lucky For Your Pets

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The main theme of St. Patrick’s Day is to drink and to be merry, all while wearing green. While it is fine for you to indulge in as many alcoholic beverages as you like, your pet’s drinking limit is another story. Alcohol is not good for animals. This even includes the sugar alcohols in food and rubbing alcohol. A sip of alcohol, but even what looks like a small amount to our human eyes can be dangerous for your pet. The main reason alcohol is so dangerous to an animal is because it depresses the nervous system and can hinder or even cease breathing. Also too much alcohol can cause heart problems and seizures.
Accidents can happen. If you are drinking, make sure your beverages are not near your dog or cat. Also, if you are having a party or are with friend, tell them that giving your pet alcohol is not a joke. It also may be wise to keep your pet in another room or have you and your friends party elsewhere. If an accident does occur, be sure to watch your pet for alcohol poisoning. You can tell if your pet has been alcohol poisoned after a half an hour to an hour. Usually the signs that your pet has been poisoned include them throwing up, a wobbly stance, depression or moodiness, and even hypothermia. If this does happen go to a veterinarian or pet hospital right away. Bring what your animal drank along with you so the veterinarian has the best idea on how to treat the problem. Nothing will take the merriness out of your St. Patrick’s Day quicker than having to stop the party to take your beloved pet to the hospital.

On the day of the Irish, have fun and have too much to drink. However, when it comes to your pet, let them stick to water. They will not even know they are missing the party. Remember one drink to you is not one drink to your pet. To your pet, one drink means short term and even long term health problems. The sad thing is, your pet will view alcohol as water, they do not know what they are drinking is harmful to them. It is your job to make sure no alcohol reaches your pet’s lips. Keeping your pet safe from alcohol poisoning should be your priority this green holiday!

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