Please Be Responsible

by abrown


While I was walking a dog today, I came upon an Aussie laying in the middle of the road. He was just soaking up the winter sun, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.


When he saw us walking, he sauntered over to say hello.  He had a great personality, rolled over by my feet and showed his tummy while his tail was wagging.   He proceeded to walk a mile right by my side.  When the three of us returned to my client’s home, I went inside with my client’s pup thinking the Aussie would return home.   The Aussie waited by the door for me to return.  I checked his tags since he hadn’t gone back to his home (I thought perhaps he was just out and lived in the neighborhood).


He had a 2012 Rabies tag from Country Club vet clinic, yay!  He had an ID tag with his name “Thompson”, his owners name, phone number, and address, YAY!  BAZINGA – this sweet boy was going back to his home.  And a third tag which read: “This dog is NOT lost. He lives on 30 acres. He wonders away, but will come home on his own.”


I debated taking Thompson back home so that I could express my lack of enthusiasm for the owner’s regards for Thompson’s safety.


I debated taking Thompson up to Country Club Vet so that they could perhaps express a lack of enthusiasm for the owners’ regards for Thompson’s safety.


BUT I decided to take him to animal control where the owner could pay a nice fine for his lack of regard for Thomson’s safety. (Of course this was contingent upon the grounds that if the owner didn’t respond, that they call me and I’d find the sweet boy a better home). Yes, perhaps this was a bit vengeful, but I sincerely hope that it makes a point to the pet owner.


The moral of the story is that if you are going to have a pet, please take care of the sweet baby.  Its life is precious and we make a pact with our pets that we will watch over them and protect them.  We do not live in the middle of the country where it is safe to let your dog roam.  We live in a growing city with people who are speeding, texting, and otherwise distracted.  There is a reason fences, both standard and underground electronic versions, exist.  There is a reason we have leash laws.  Too many times pets are out and get hit by drivers who simply did not see them – and that is a tragedy.  As a pet owner and professional pet sitter I do not understand why anyone would let their dog roam at will.  Clearly Thompson has been out and returned enough times that the owner felt the need to make a tag expressing his lack of concern about Thompson being away from home.


PLEASE be a responsible pet owner.  PLEASE keep your pets safe and secure.  It is our duty to protect our furbabies from pain and hurt.

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