My Dogs ARE My Family…

My three dogs *are* my family.  What I appreciate most about Amanda is not just her obvious love for animals (my pups fell for her immediately) but her professional approach.  Pet sitting is not Amanda’s side job – it’s what she loves and it’s what she does for her livelihood.  She is extremely good at it: so good, in fact, that on my latest five-day trip, the dogs didn’t even give me a guilt trip when I got home!  I have recommended 417 Pet Sitting to my friends and will continue to do so!  ~Joe

What a Lifesaver!

Amanda and her crew have been a lifesaver for me.  Its so great to be able to schedule a walk and a visit for my dog, Jack, on days I have to work late or go out of town.  So much easier then dropping off at a boarding center.  Jack gets to enjoy the comfort of his own home, without all the unnecessary stress that boarding causes.  417 Pet Sitting goes above and beyond too! So much more love for my guy than he would get in a “prison cell” at a boarding center.  I know Amanda treats him with as much love as possible and that is vital for me to know when I already feel so guilty for leaving him.  Gives me great peace of mind and I would recommend their services to anyone!  Very affordable as well.  ~Donnie

417 Pet Sitting is the Cat’s Meow!!!

417 Pet Sitting/Amanda Brown is the Cat’s Meow!!! We are so blessed to have her care for our furbabies. What a comfort to know that our babies are in the best of care & in good hands like Allstate. THANK YOU for all your tender, loving care…..kindness and compassion………devoting yourself to caring for all God’s little critters. YOU’re the BEST!!!!  Ann

“…I would recommend Amanda to anyone…”

“We had Amanda with 417 Pet Sitting take care of our grumpy cat, Sage, while we were on vacation a few weeks ago.  She was very professional, took care of him, the litter box, the alarm, and the house.  I would recommend Amanda with 417 to anyone to take care of their furry kids while they are gone.”  ~ Deb Coulter

Vacation Godsend

“Every time my husband and I took a vacation, we had to figure out our ‘costs’.  How much the traveling would be, hotels, food, entertainment, dog sitting….. and how much it would be to replace whatever Kayden, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, would destroy.  One time it was her metal kennel, another time she ate the molding on a door, and then that time she went through the drywall!

When we moved to Springfield last year, we knew we would have to find a new solution for our pets when we traveled.  Between the Great Dane, the Ridgeback, and a Shari-Pi Lab cross, traveling WITH them isn’t much fun.  417 Petsittng was referred to us by a friend, and Amanda was truly a Godsend.  The first time we left the dogs with her, we were hesitant to even call to check on them, for fear of what they had destroyed.  Every time, she said “Nothing, they are great!”, we laughed and thought ‘for now, but it’s going to happen!”.

Our dogs love her, and so do we!  For the first time in YEARS we know that when we travel, or pets, and our house are safe!” – Jennifer Adank

417 Pet Sitting is THE BEST!

“417 Pet Sitting is THE BEST! One of my dogs just locked me out of the house and Amanda came to my rescue. You rock, lady! Thanks!” – Stacy Williams

417 Pet Sitting is the best!

“417 PetSitting is the best! I know my four legged babies are in the absolute best care when I am gone due to the love and devotion of the owner and staff. I could not ask for a better pet sitting service, I could not even think of putting my babies in anyone else’s care.” – Sheri Craigmyle

417 PetSitting is a great company!

“417 PetSitting is a great company! The personal attention from the owner is exquisite! We used to take the pups the kennel when we would leave town. We would come back to complete chaos! The dogs were never the same for the first 24-48 hours home. They wouldn’t eat and they would have diarrhea. Since hiring 417 Pet Sitting, we have not had an issue! We are happy to know our dogs are well taken care of!!!” – Bethany Marcol

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